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sata spray guns made in germany qatar bahrain
SATA Spray Guns

SATA is a leading spray gun manufacturer whose spray guns are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany since 1925. With…

Spray Cannon
Spray Cannons

These Cannons are a fog/misting machine that produces a curtain of micro-water droplets. The curtain suppresses dust in open spaces…

Spray Booth
Spray Booth

Shorter flash-off times between coats. Shorter curing time. Faster removal of volatile components before the start of the particular process….

Cleaning Machine
Spray Gun Cleaning Machines

VOC (Volatile organic compounds) compliant. Thorough cleaning of all material passages of the paint spray gun. Low solvent consumption. Cart for…

Spray Gun
Spray Guns

No matter which technology you decide for – you can be sure: With a this paint spray gun you have…

Cefla- Mito Spray Booth
Spray Booth

This Spray Booth is a reciprocating spraying machine with conveyor of paper or plastic film, that combines productivity, high flexibility…

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