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Chicago Pneumatic, also known as CP, is an industrial manufacturer providing air compressors, power generators, light towers, power tools and hydraulic equipment.

Since 1901, Chicago Pneumatic, also known simply as CP, is said to be a leading industrial manufacturer of a variety of construction equipment including Generators, Light Towers, Compactors, Walk behind rollers, Tampers, Hydraulic Hammers, Compressors, Mechanical pokers, Drive units, Electric Pokers, Frequency Converters, Pneumatic pokers, Bull Float Screed, Power Trowels, Floor saws and so much more. Based on decades of experience, CP machines are built for tough conditions for long-term performance well beyond individual projects. CP equipment are also are easy to maintain and operate, which helps maintain productivity.


For concrete projects, Chicago Pneumatic concrete equipment is with you every step of the way. From vibration and leveling to finish and cutting, CP offers a selection of quality equipment that helps you get the job done right.

CP does not overload its concrete equipment with extra features you don’t need and will rarely use. Instead, CP concrete equipment is all about getting the day-to-day work done reliably, efficiently and affordably. It works hard like you do, and also like you it shows up ready to work the next day.


Chicago Pneumatic has extended its range of mobile diesel generators up to 200 kVA.

As a result of this expansion, we are now able to offer our customers a complete range of small to medium sized mobile generators, which all provide a combination of exceptional toughness, reliability and easy operation.

The rugged and easy-to-move generators are designed to meet the tough demands of the construction industry. Using proven technology, which draws upon Chicago Pneumatic’s history of making generators since the mid-1930s, CP power generators can be relied upon by operators to provide a continuous source of electrical power. They are suitable for prime power applications in the general construction and rental industries, with all models being fully CE compliant for use in Europe, Qatar and elsewhere.

With integrated forklift slots and a lifting beam, the CP power generators are easy-to-move and designed to be highly impact resistant. Other standard features include easy-to-read gauges, easy-to-access maintenance points and a galvanised canopy.

Chicago Pneumatic recently introduced a host of new optional features to the CP power range. This includes a variety of tow bar and coupling combinations to fulfill the needs of different customers. Fully approved for use throughout the European Union, the new road trailer options mean the generators can be easily transported between sites without the need for major adaptations.

A new optional skid has been introduced to add extra robustness to the base-frame of the generators. It is specifically designed for applications where the unit will reside on uneven surfaces, or if needs be moved across the ground over short distances.

To provide operators with the option of extended run times, CP power generators can now be equipped with higher capacity fuel tanks. This, coupled with 500 hour service intervals, means CP power generators are especially suited for applications where a generator is required to reliably run for a high number of hours with reduced attention from the operator.


We have a tower lights for any environment and any application, and any budget for that matter. We have a wide range of LED options with choices on the canopy design and design features. Because of the harsh conditions that the light towers are likely to operate within, we focus on ensuring peak performance and optimizing lifespan and resale value. We also focus on allowing easy maintenance access to the machine, including service components and drains. All models have an environmentally friendly frame that prevents any excess fluid escaping.


CP forward soil plates are built for the day-to-day demands of rental companies and contractors. They are suitable for compacting dirt, gravel, soil, asphalt and more.

When it comes to equipment, durability and ease of use are critical. CP forward soil plates give you both, with rugged components and a compact, maneuverable design. It is the right combination for speed and efficiency in a wide range of applications including bike paths, sidewalks, landscaping and pothole repair jobs.


Demanding conditions demand power you can count on. Chicago Pneumatic portable compressors are built to deliver that power. From the smallest construction units to the largest models for high pressure drilling, CP offers a full range to fit your needs. These robust models are designed for dependable performance in a wide variety of applications. They are also easy to maintain and operate, which helps keep productivity high.


Chicago Pneumatic’s MR7005, 26″ Walk-Behind Roller is a duplex roller, ideal for compacting soil and asphalt. The machine is fully hydraulic which allows a small overhang enabling the roller to run close to obstructions, such as walls. It is equipped with a large water tank, dead-man’s handle mechanism and push-stop.

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