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Nehmeh seeks partners who are leaders in their respective fields who share our passion for Quality & Service through developing new projects, new joint ventures or by inviting participation in their own businesses.

As a professional firm whose experience of more than 60 years with a wealth of market access, know-how & intelligence, Nehmeh has the resources & means for making your products another success story in Qatar and the Middle East.

  • We take care of your products.
  • Real-time supply of your products.
  • Professional after-sales service.
  • Your products are never in short supply; we stock them in our approved facilities.
  • Increase your market share & credibility by dealing with more than 30 major customers through us.
  • One source supply reduces your administration, manpower, communication and traveling costs, local transportation costs (vertical integration) in turn increase your profit.
  • We handle the communication and manpower costs locally; that is if you plan to visit more than 30 customers, each at least twice a year, taking into account one day visit to each customer, that is 60 days plus traveling time of almost 120 days in a year plus air fares and other travel costs.
  • Traveling distance from Europe to the Middle East is 11,000 km (6,800 miles) and from the USA is about 22,000 km (13,600 miles) round trip.
  • The time difference between Europe to the Middle East is 3 to 4 hours and between the USA and the Middle East is 10 to 12 hours.
  • The language barrier is overcome as we use both Arabic, English and other commonly used local dialects.
  • Our working hours, weekend holidays, yearly holidays and other official holidays are similar to that of the customers.
  • Our proximity to the customers assures fast and timely delivery of your products particularly for their critical requirements.
  • Real time communication with our customers.
  • We make arrangements for appointments, visa and other statutory formalities for your visit to customers.
  • Save the trouble of following-up payments from many customers with different payment policies.
  • We guarantee payment on or before due date.
  • Sustainability is our strength; learn more by clicking here
  • Our IT infrastructure is currently being migrated to the cloud as to provide the most robust and up-to-date infrastructures in the region.

If you are committed to delivering first class services to customers then do get in touch!
For proper consideration, please include the following information in your communication:

Profile of your Company
Complete Business Plan / Value Proposition
Contact Person

The Nehmeh Way‘s Code of Conduct applies to all Suppliers to Nehmeh and its affiliates and comprises a set of guiding principles for Nehmeh and its Suppliers (end manufacturers, contractors, sub-contractors and all strategic partners).

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