Meet Nehmeh’s Expert: Mahmoud Rahman

Meet Nehmeh’s Expert!

A one-stop shop industrial solutions company, that is what Nehmeh is!

This month, we feature Mahmoud Rahman, our Radiator Expert. Mahmoud has been in the company for more than 33 years now and is no doubt reliable in making sure that the project cycle from consulting, radiator production or servicing, and delivery is completed in the best and fastest way possible.

Moreover, he is the main contact person at Nehmeh of major companies in the government and private sectors in Qatar where such services are required. Mahmoud gives his full attention to get the job done in every project that he manages.

In his career, Mahmoud has represented the company in various exhibitions showcasing our innovations in radiators which were held in Oman, Kuwait, and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

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October 30, 2022