Light Towers

Light Towers

Nehmeh’s range of Tower Lights are one of the most successful and well-accepted light towers in the market. The units’ proven concept of combining simplicity with robustness and reliability has been embraced by a lot of customers. 

Our light towers deliver bright, reliable light for night applications ranging from construction work and mining to sporting events and emergency applications.

Our light towers feature metal halide lamp technology, which requires less power, produces more light (floodlights) and offers long life. In addition, they offer heavy-duty construction, easy setup and excellent fuel capacity for extended operation. These compact, trailer-mounted units are easy to transport and maneuver to position ideal lighting where it’s needed.

The metal halide lamp technology is one of the most efficient ways of turning electrical energy into light. It requires less power, produces more light and provides the ideal lighting for working, sport and event areas. The expected lifetime of a metal halide lamp in a normal operation is very long, and the failure ratio is the lowest of all types of lamps.

The new tower is based on a successful existing concept that has been used on the market for a long time. It includes a metallic enclosure with wide service doors, an electrical cubicle for control and protection, a mast that will extend vertically up to 31 ft and that can be rotated 360°, stabilization legs and an on-road undercarriage. The CPLT Light Tower is easy to operate and extremely light and maneuverable, making it very simple to position at the desired location for optimal work area lighting.


  • Durable for any kind of air condition, full protection against to external factor with electrostatic colored body.
  • Galvanized coating tower durable against to corrosion, tower earth connection, jacks and supported front wheel.
  • Easy balance-able specification with 4 units jacks at the rough terrain and windy weather.