Spray Booth

Spray Booth

This Spray Booth is a reciprocating spraying machine with conveyor of paper or plastic film, that combines productivity, high flexibility…

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This Spray Booth is a reciprocating spraying machine with conveyor of paper or plastic film, that combines productivity, high flexibility and reliability, limited investment and economy in use.

This spraying machine is suitable for spraying of all types of water or solvent based lacquer and glue.

The Spray Booth is ideal for a company wishing to begin automatic spraying for the first time, in order to take the advantages of increased productivity, lacquer savings and constant panel quality.

The patented JIT kit further enhances fast change over for small batches with different colours.

The continuous belt conveyor system combined with the disposable paper conveyor provides a “self-cleaning” machine that practically eliminates cleaning and servicing times.


  • The conveyor system is made of a vacuum belt that supports and secures continuous feeding of the disposable paper or plastic film, ensuring proper tracking and winding of the paper roll. The advantages are the same of the belt continuous conveyor which results in: no overspray on the panel’s bottom side, superior edge coating.
  • The paper belt system is equipped with an automatic winding/unwinding mechanism and two rolls, both located in the out-feed area, to facilitate the roll changeover that requires just a few minutes. This system does not lose any times for cleaning at the end of a shift. The exhaust fan creates the vacuum that holds the paper (film) onto the conveyor.
  • High efficiency filters and special shape of the roof assure clean air at input of booth enclosure. Automatic air flow system monitors and maintains consistent air flow through spray booth; this system produces an enhanced quality of finish, because of less overspray in the spray booth.
  • Use of large surface of dry filters in exhaust air filtration system is very efficient and limit operational maintenance costs.
  • Dry exhausting system is the most suitable for waterborne lacquers.
  • The spray system utilizes an inverter driven reciprocating trolley, equipped with a quick-change coupling system and with electronic control of the reciprocating speed.
  • The spray system is designed to accept 4 (four) spray guns and 2 (two) lacquer feeding circuits with recycle.
  • The electronic control unit utilizes a 120 cell photodiode bar to monitor and regulate spray application, further maximizing application Transfer Efficiency.
  • PLC with touch screen provides a clear visual operator interface and large memory storage of working programs, parameters, controls and diagnostic functions, as well as operational reports.


  • Adjustable speed, by Inverter: 1.5 ÷ 6 m/min
  • Paper belt width: 1500 mm.
  • Working width: 1300 mm., including edges
  • Length paper roll: 2800 mm.
  • Minimum length of work pieces: 250 mm.
  • Thickness work pieces: max. 60 mm.