Sofy* Cool, the Best Evaporative Cooling Solution in Doha


Sofy* Cool, the Best Evaporative Cooling Solution in Doha

The Middle East is a place where extreme heat is experienced especially during summer time. It is both a health and safety concern that not only the government pays attention to, but also the employers of workers in areas vulnerable to the heat of the sun.

Over the past years, summer temperatures in Qatar goes up to 50°C with mostly dry heat. Similarly, it is recorded that the country experience more humidity than its neighboring nations in the region. With this, the government implements summer working hours in open workplaces.

To ease this working condition, Nehmeh is proud to have its line of Evaporative Coolers from Sofy* Cool. This machine cools air through evaporation of water, has a wide array of options from 18”, 24” 30” 42” and up to 50”, and has a cooling capacity that ranges from 120 M2, 160 M2, 250 M2, 300 M2 and 500 M2. All of these will bring the desired result that you need this season for heat safety and productivity.

This summertime, more than 170 Sofy Evaporative Coolers have been supplied to big projects such as Midmac MIC Construct JV for their project Lusail Plaza Tower, Venture Gulf Engineering for their workshop and fabrication facilities, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction for their project Qatar Lusail Plaza Tower.

Alongside with this, Nehmeh also has its line of Sofy* ventilation products including pedestal fans, wall fans, ventilation fans, and a lot more. These products, among others, can be used in industrial working places or even offices.

Sofy* Cool and Sofy* products are made in Taiwan, and can be purchased with one year warranty from all service centers of Nehmeh. To see more, visit or call +974 6691 0464.

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