Power Calculator

What can you calculate using this Calculator?
Amperes when kVA is known
Converting kVA to kW
Converting kW to kVA
Converting kW to HP
kVA Required to run motors
Guide to units
HP = Horsepower
kW = Kilo Watts
kVA = Kilo Volt Amps
I = Ampere or Current
V = Volts
PF = Power Factor

Generator Selection

The generator size must be equal or greater than the total consumption of all applications. The higher starting requirement must he taken into account accordingly.
To maximize the generator potential, the largest electrical motor should be started on its own and further appliances should only be switched on thereafter.


The calculator on this page is offered to assist in generating general estimations only, for basic applications. If you are unsure or would like assistance analyzing your current situation, feel free to contact us with your questions. Please note diesel generator sizing for most applications can be quite complex, with many variables which effect generator sizing. Please contact us for professional advice from one of our engineers.


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