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Genuine replacement parts are essential to ensure you deliver on time with safety and reliability. As authorized parts center of most renowned industrial brands, Nehmeh Service offers relevant documentation, genuine parts, advice and online payment.


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Our team of engineers and technicians are experts in their fields and are able to do the necessary maintenance and even train you on basic maintenance. We go beyond the repairs and advise you further on the recommended spare parts to keep with you as we understand that your work should not stop.



In today’s market, it is not just counterfeit tools that we but also counterfeit spare parts, the most popular being armatures, carbon brushes and switches, and this can be very Damaging.

These parts will fit into your equipment just as well as the genuine parts and the end user will see no harm in using them but it will damage their machine. It must be understood that these counterfeit parts will not only damage their machines but they will also lose their Warranty if they use these counterfeit spare parts.
This is an ongoing problem and it is important keep products Genuine.
To make sure your parts are GENUINE, please contact Nehmeh Service, the Authorized Service & Parts Center.



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