Eurovent Air Handling Unit in Qatar

The Certification Mark guarantees that our products have been independently checked and have been accurately rated. This mark guarantees specifiers, installers and end users that products marketed by a participant have been accurately rated.

The importance and reliability of the European Air Conditioning Industry are clearly demonstrated by the existence of voluntary certification schemes established and administrated by Eurovent Certification Company.

The purpose of Eurovent Certification Programs is to create a common set of criteria for the rating of products. Through specification of certified products, the engineer’s tasks become easier, since there is no need to carry out detailed comparison and performance qualification testing. Consultants, specifiers and users can select products with the assurance that the catalogue data are accurate.

“Nehmeh participates in the Eurovent Certification Program for Air Handling Units the certified data of certified models are listed in the Eurovent Directory.”

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Nehmeh Entreprises & Industries LLC or in PDF Format

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Air Handling Units / Mechanical peformance of the model box / Model box / Mechanical performance

Air Handling Units / Thermal performance of the real unit / Reversible / Air handling unit without heat recovery

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