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Corporate Integrity Alert Program


Nehmeh has a reputation for conducting its affairs in accordance with the highest levels of business ethics and in compliance with applicable laws. This reputation has been achieved and maintained through the integrity and ethical standards of our officers and employees, which we proudly call The Nehmeh Way.

The Corporate Integrity Alert Program (CIAP) is an independent and anonymous system whereby employees and non-employees can report unethical business behaviours that do not comply with The Nehmeh Way and/or contradictory to Our Values.  The reports will be directly sent to the Strategic Initiatives Office that will then channel it to the Executive Committee. While you are encouraged to report compliance issues directly to your immediate supervisor, Nehmeh does recognize that this may not always be an option and has made available the Alert for this reason.

Communication to the CIAP is not traced and information is treated in a confidential manner. You do not have to reveal your identity to contact the Program.

Nehmeh strictly prohibits retaliation against employees who raise concerns regarding unethical business behaviours or any violations to the company policies and procedures.

The Program is also made available to all Group employees working at its facilities regardless of the country of operation. All methods of reporting employees concerns will be available at all locations. You can contact the CIAP through any of the following methods (you can choose to reveal your identity or if you prefer, remain anonymous):

By E-mail


By Mail

Strategic Initiatives Office
c/o Nehmeh
P. O. Box 99
Doha – Qatar

By Online Form Submission

Please use the form below to report unethical business behaviors.
You can submit your reports anonymously or by giving your name below (it is not mandatory).
Only fields marked with * are mandatory.
If you do not wish to reveal your identity then please just fill out with anonymous@nehmeh.com
An investigation will be made to study the claims

Unless you choose to identify yourself, all reports received through the Corporate Integrity Alert Program are considered confidential and anonymous. By placing your report through the Corporate Integrity Alert Program you acknowledge and agree that the SIO (and the Executive Committee) will use the reported information as they deem appropriate to investigate and take appropriate action in response to your report. The specific action taken will depend on the nature and severity of the violation.