The Nehmeh Way


Nehmeh holds itself to uncompromising ethical and legal standards. Our compliance to our values and code of conduct are embodied in The Nehmeh Way which provides a transparent guidelines to issues related to our fundamentals on ethics, integrity and transparency and is published publicly as to make our position clear to and for all our stakeholders.

Click here to read The Nehmeh Way
Click here to read The Nehmeh Way

The Nehmeh Way is much more than a code of business conduct but serves as our moral compass for us to live our values and serve as a code of conduct that you should expect from Our People and Our Companies.

United Nations Global Compact
With input from The United Nations’ Global Compact, The Nehmeh Way further applies as a Code of Conduct to all Suppliers to Nehmeh and its affiliates and comprises a set of guiding principles for Nehmeh and its Suppliers (end manufacturers, contractors, sub-contractors and all strategic partners).

As we take The Nehmeh Way with utmost seriousness, we’ve enabled an anonymous and secure mechanism to report non-compliance. Have something to report?


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