Nehmeh Green

At Nehmeh, we wish to keep our planet green

That is not just a statement, but the way we work in protecting the environment and as part of Nehmeh’s ongoing process of realizing our vision, we equally believe in our environmental mission of not harming the environment and do our part in keeping our home planet Green.
Our efforts have been recognized by the State of Qatar with our earning of the Green Corporate Award.

Nehmeh takes most care in offering non-hazardous solutions and environmentally-friendly products and services: logo_nehmeh_green_small1

Nehmeh uses environmentally-friendly products to clean its equipment and machinery (and insists on using organic, mineral and biodegradable solvents).

Nehmeh manufactures products taking utmost care in converting waste from hazourdous to environmentally friendly (filtering systems for liquids and gazes).

Nehmeh sells various anti-pollution systems, putting more in use water-based paints rather than oil-based ones, as well as green evaporative coolers eliminating poisonous exhausts and reducing power consumption at the same time. Find out about some of our Green solutions by clicking here.

The whole Nehmeh family of men and women participate in green events and try to do their part in keeping our planet Green (from resource preservation to recycling to participating in the Earth Hour)

Nehmeh equally informs all its partners (customers and suppliers) not to print their emails, unless it is absolutely necessary. Accordingly, Nehmeh has removed the print option from its website.

Nehmeh is also proud to be the first Qatari company to be member of the United Nations’ Global Compact (2012), where we continue to uphold principles of progress for the environment, where we make it a responsibility to care, preserve and further offer environmentally friendly solutions.

Learn about our other initiatives of our award-winning Sustainability Strategy