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Nehmeh Service’s loadbanks have the mobility & capability to test generators of all shapes and sizes in any environment! 

A load-bank test is an essential part of any preventive maintenance practice to ensure your standby generator performs in the event of a power failure. This test checks the generator engine’s ability to perform & provide the required power needed in any emergency. Since generators typically runs at a level less than the unit’s rated output capability, a load bank test provides an artificial load that brings the engine to an acceptable operating temperature, ensuring functionality when your business needs it most.

load test load bank

At minimum, a load bank test should be performed on an annual basis to improve the life of the engine and alternator. The test gives you peace of mind that your generator will remain reliable throughout power interruptions and keeps your business running.

Make sure it’s a component of your Annual Maintenance Contract with Nehmeh Service.

Our is Mobile, ready with power cables, equipped with the single phase load option as detailed below:

LOAD BANK FOR LOAD TESTING 500 KW – 415V, 3 PHASE – 50KW,25 KW, 30 KW, 105 KW, 200 KW, 100 KW. INCLUDING 30KW SINGLE PHASE – 1KW,3.5KW, 5 KW

Panel construction
The panel is floor mounting type suitable for indoor installation.
Size of the panel 3200 w x 1800 h x 1200 d approximately.
The panel will be made in two sections 1st section 250 KW 415 v, second section 250 KW 415v + 30 KW single phase and both the sections can be joined with the bus bars.
1] Mains MCCB 500 – 630 a 2nos l & t
2] ammeter 6nos STD
3] Voltmeter 2nos STD
4] KW meter 2nos STD
5] r-y-b lamps 2 set STD
6] 63a MCB for 25, 20 KW 14nos Legrand
7] 32a MCB for 5,10,15,3.5,1.5 & 1KW 39nos Legrand
8] Cooling fan 415 v 3 phase 6 nos STD
9] Fabrication 2 set 16 swg
10] Painting 2 set STD
11] Bus bar 1000a 1 set STD
12] Wiring 2 set STD
13] U type heating coils 28” & 24” 360 nos STD
30 KW single phase including in of the panel
1] Ammeter 1 nos, voltmeter 1 nos, KW meter 1 nos STD
2] 1KW, 3.5 KW, 5 KW 12 nos sp MCB
3] U type heating coils 28”, 24” & 12 “ 30 nos STD

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