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Innovation & Quality

Innovation and Quality are one important parts of Nehmeh’s philosophy. Spending all our energy to continuously develop innovative products for our customer will ensure our market position. Our workforce are devoted to study products with a special are to the energy efficiency and acoustic emission issues for a better quality of life.

Technology & Environment

Nehmeh’s primary objective is to design and offer air conditioning systems that meet both the highest standards of environmental protection and users’ legitimate expectations in terms of comfort and well-being.

Safety & Health

We have developed an innovative disinfection unit to keep people and the surroundings safe in pandemic episodes. Nehmeh Disinfection Unit is Equipped with an integrated hydraulic system for the atomization of biocide and antiviral spray and can be easily installed at entry and exit points.

Nehmeh Disinfection Unit

For Nehmeh, innovation has to be linked tightly to a respect for the environment and must include stringent requirements in terms of quality levels. This ongoing concern governs all our actions and involves all our human and technological resources. Moreover, with a constant care for participating in preserving the environment, Nehmeh designs and markets high efficiency products that reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and minimize our contribution to global warming.

As part of our commitment to meet our customers’ expectations with our manufactured products, Nehmeh Air Conditioners’ R&D teams continuously monitor & improve product performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

  • Researching & developing new Eco-friendly products
  • Energy and efficiency testing
  • Develop and integrate advanced technologies
  • Open for research with industry leaders
  • Working closely with industry requirements
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