We take responsibility

Nehmeh’s award-winning sustainability strategy is not a recent discovery. It’s the outgrowth of 68 years of engagement since our establishment and is integrated throughout the value chain and a natural part of what we do. From sourcing to recycling, sustainability initiatives are not only based on ongoing analysis, but also impacts conduct and governance, and involve both our internal & external stakeholders.
We recognize that society, the economy and the environment are not separate but connected & interdependent and we work on placing Nehmeh at the center where these three spheres meet.
We recognize further that sustainability is a journey not a destination and, as stipulated by our purpose & our values, we embrace it as an opportunity and not as a challenge.
Nehmeh. Investing in the future.

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Our Sustainability Report is part of our United Nations Global Compact COP.



About us

"No watchman over my work
if my conscious is my watchman."

Antoine Nehme
Founding Father
"If God has been generous with
you, it is your duty to give back."

Antoine Nehme
Founding Father
"Give, don't just take."

Antoine Nehme
Founding Father