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We work to increase in adoption of modern farming practices utilizing our products & services.
Whether it is conventional farming or inorganic farming, we assist in food plants in terms of productivity and technology.

In line with global QHSE principles, we do not make any recommendations and then walk away, we work with you to help implement the ideas and recommendations we make that you like and wish to use as we are in it for the long-term. We do not believe any other Agriculture supplier offers this range of products & services:

Water Pump Solutions
Water pump solutions (including dewatering)

Energy & Power Equipment
Energy & Power Equipment
Cleaning Systems & Equipment
Cleaning Systems & Equipment
Compressed Air Solutions
Compressed Air solutions

Tools & Accessories
Tools & Accessories

Gardening & Landscaping
Gardening & Landscaping

Air flow systems

Air Quality Ventilation Heating Cooling Custom Units
Service & Support
Service & Support

Installation and Maintenance Training Repairs AMC

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Nehmeh works on setting the standards daily and has been doing so since 1955.
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We are accreditated & certified in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) as well as Manufacturing.
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All our products are supported by our award-winning aftersales arm, a recognized center of excellence.
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