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By innovating, creating demand, discovering markets or setting new standards for others to follow, Nehmeh is a partner you can count on. Whether you are a manufacturer, an OEM supplier and looking for a solid partner to market your products/services successfully or a local company looking for quality & rewarding B2B/Trade opportunities then you have come to the right place.
Did you know? Some of our partnerships are over 50 years long.

Agencies, Manufacturers & Suppliers
For Agencies, Manufacturers & Suppliers


Channel Partnership Program
For B2B/Trade/Dealerships in Qatar



The Nehmeh Way‘s Code of Conduct applies to all Suppliers to Nehmeh and its affiliates and comprises a set of guiding principles for Nehmeh and its Suppliers (end manufacturers, contractors, sub-contractors and all strategic partners).

Nehmeh can help you

Select the right equipment
for the right application


Have better safety records for
your human and capital assets


Be more efficient through improved
management of resources


Improve your processes
without impacting quality


Reduce your carbon footprint
using our eco-friendly solutions


Earn better returns by being
cost-effective & reducing wastage


Trusted Partner

Nehmeh works on setting the standards daily and has been doing so since 1955.
About Nehmeh

We are accreditated & certified in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) as well as Manufacturing.
Quality Standards

All our products are supported by our award-winning aftersales arm, a recognized center of excellence.
Service Solutions

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