Ventilation Systems

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Nehmeh is your partner for all types of airflow systems including for the purpose of ventilation (exhaust, extractors (smoke/air), fresh air supply) for all types of applications (basement, underground, pressured atmospheres, toilet, kitchen, auditorium, roof) with various duct fan technologies (inline, duct, blowers, centrifugal, backward/forward curves, axial flow fans) and of course Industrial exhausts.  Nehmeh is your partner for residential, commercial and industrial ventilation systems.

Portable Air Coolers


High Velocity Drum Fans


Extractor Fans


hosefanPedestal Fans

pedestalfansAir Pumps & Exhaust Fans

Turbine Ventilators


Air Pumps4air-pumpsExhaust Fans


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Stainless Steel Finish or Gold Plated Finish

Total Height: 2210mm
Power: 13/kW
Fuel: Propane or Butane Gas
Flux: 945g/hr
Automatic Shut-off device
Anti-tilt switch

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Misting Systems and Misting Fans for Indoor and Outdoor Cooling
Misting Posts


Misting Systems

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Our Selected Partners

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