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Nehmeh has established this knowledge center as to make important learning available and accessible to our valued customers, anytime and anywhere.

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To answer frequently asked questions and advice on your power tools, garden equipment, and even woodworking and automotive machines, Nehmeh has launched the video series called the ‘Nehmeh Tips and Hacks’ and its successor ‘Nehmeh Knows’. With new episodes produced on a regular basis, Nehmeh is committed to educate and inform the customers on proper usage, how to prolong the lifespan, cleaning, and maintenance of its products for their best working condition for our customers’ comfort.

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E-learning by Nehmeh is an an online learning platform where we aim to reduce the time away from the workplace, for either skill enhancement, and serves to eliminate the need for travel and removes the need of classroom-based trainings.



Power Tools Safety Guide (PDF 0.3MB)

Guide to Chainsaw Maintenance (PDF 6.5MB)

Caring for your evaporative cooler (14:41)


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