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Nehmeh is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, integrity and accountability and works continuously on world class systems including its accreditation, membership and certification in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) amongst other initiatives.
We will not waiver in our commitment to continuously earn our clients’ trust with the highest quality of products, services and professionalism.

Management Systems

Our Quality Assurance & Quality Certifications are part of our commitment to delivering quality across our products & services is embodied in our proud certification of the following standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015* and ISO 45001:2018* (previously known as OHSAS 18001:2007) thus covering Quality, Environmental, Safety management systems respectively.

We aspire to be an ethical organization delivering Products & Services within an ever-evolving marketplace.

The mechanisms of our total quality management systems, which are maintained throughout the business, ensure every member of the team is committed to establishing objectives for key aspects of service, delivery and quality. In this endeavor we strive to comply with all legislative and customer requirements.

As a primary obligation, Nehmeh is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients by the capable implementation of the tried and proven Quality Management System.

This is achieved by:

  • Complying with statutory obligations, standards, specifications and codes of practice relevant to quality management.
  • Maintaining, monitoring, reviewing, auditing and continually improving the Quality Management System consistent with certification requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
  • Providing sufficient and suitable resources to implement and maintain the Quality Management System.
  • Engaging suitably qualified, skilled, and experienced people.
  • Educating and training our employees for awareness and knowledge of quality issues and practices for continual improvement.
  • Identifying, reporting, investigating and resolving all non-conformance and taking action to prevent recurrence.
  • Establishing, reviewing and communicating performance measures and taking action to improve outcomes.
  • Maintaining, monitoring, reviewing, auditing and continually improving environmentally-friendly standards with certification requirements of ISO 14001:2015*.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the quality performance of the internal & external customers and implementing effective communication with them on quality and compliance issues.
  • To fulfill or exceed Customer needs and expectations by delivering a quality product in a consistent and timely manner;
  • To promote a working environment where training and tools are provided for all work to proceed in a safe and efficient fashion
  • To furnish a system of policies which are periodically reviewed to ensure the ability of all groups to perform their work effectively
  • Maintaining, monitoring, reviewing, auditing and continually improving the HSE standards with certification requirements of ISO 45001:2018* (previously known as OHSAS 18001:2007).

As a progressive organization, in the pursuit of supplying a Quality Assured output, we will be vigilant to observe ethical Health & Safety and Environmental best practice, appropriate to the activities of this business.
* Certification granted to Nehmeh Entreprises & Industries LLC


In addition, Air Handling Units manufactured by Nehmeh Air Conditioners have earned Eurovent Certification which certifies the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards. We are proud to be the only Qatari company to have attained this certification and one of only selected few in the MENA region.

We are partners with SAP, which helps us manage our daily task, so we can focus on making our solutions better.
With its features, our stakeholders can expect faster and easier transactions with Nehmeh in all aspects of the business flow.
Another milestone in Nehmeh’s initiative towards its goal of setting industrial standards in the country.

As for our Fan Coil Units, we’re proud to be certified by AHRI (Air-conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute). We are equally proud to be the only Qatari company to have attained this certification and one of only selected few in the MENA region.


Our journey for quality continues online with our certification of the Theqa Trustmark Seal for E-Commerce as awarded to us by Qatar’s Ministry of Transport & Communications and the Ministry of Commerce & Industry for our online store.

Qatari Product

Some of our product lines are manufactured in Qatar for which we are most proud to be able to crown them with the “Qatari Product” logo guaranteeing high-quality products, competitive prices and product availability as licensed by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry for our Heat Transfer Solutions.

Qatar Chamber Verification

We are proud to have been one of the founding members of Qatar Chamber (formerly known as Qatar Chamber of Commerce & Industry) and take an active part in their meetings, surveys and services, including the Qatar Chamber Industries Directory.

The Nehmeh Way is much more than a code of business conduct but serves as our moral compass for us to live our values and serve as a code of conduct that you should expect from Our People and Our Companies.


Since 2012, Nehmeh is proud to be the first Qatari company to be signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. Nehmeh is also a member of various local, regional and global associations as well.

Safety Glasses Gloves Helmet Hi Viz Boots Certifications

Above quality, we take safety as a priority, providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed for the job free of charge to our people who may be exposed to significant risks in challenging environments during their working day.

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Did you know?

First Qatari company on the Internet

First online industrial service tracker in the world

First Qatari company to earn AHRI certification

First importer of evaporative coolers to Qatar

Anton Nehmeh is one of the oldest companies in Qatar

First importer of aftermarket auto paints in Qatar

First heat-exchanger manufacturer in Qatar

First importer of aftermarket auto equipment to Qatar

First Qatari company to be member of the UNGC

First mobile apps for industry in the region

First industrial loyalty Program in the region

First E-Commerce store for industrial solutions in Qatar

First Qatari company to earn Eurovent certification

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