Nehmeh has been providing solutions that help solve construction problems and enable better performing structures to be constructed more quickly, more efficiently, more safely and at a lower overall cost.

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As leaders in Construction Solutions, we are fully engaged with our Partners for all the phases of construction from surveying to foundation works to structural to MEP & finishing of today’s projects.
Since 1955, find out how & why more & more companies are choosing Nehmeh as their Partner of Choice for:

Fixing Systems Solutions

Mechanical & Chemical Anchoring & Fixing products

Industrial Equipment Solutions

Most complete range of Construction Equipment

Industrial Tools Solutions

Cordless, Electric, Pneumatic & Power Tools & Full range of Accessories

Power Generators Energy Solutions

Electric Diesel & Petrol Generators for any Application

Surveying Solutions

Total Stations & GIS Equipment

Ventilation Solutions

Hot & Cool Air Flow System Solutions


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