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Nehmeh offers the full range of fixing systems and fixing solutions including concrete and masonry anchors and fastening systems. Nehmeh has extensive engineering expertise in several product groups, including mechanical anchors, adhesive anchoring systems and powered forced-entry systems such as powder-actuated and gas fastening systems in order to provide a solution for every fixing problem. Nehmeh is home to the best anchor & fixing system and materials.

  • Thermal Block Fixings
  • Roof Fixings
  • Insulation Anchors
  • Split Drive Anchors
  • Universal Metal Anchors
  • Tie Wire Anchors
  • Express Nail Anchors
  • Hollow Wall Anchors
  • Wedge Anchors
  • Four Segment Shield Anchors
  • New Four Segment Shield Anchors
  • Sleeve Anchors
  • Cone Nut Sleeve Anchors
  • Hex Nut Sleeve Anchors
  • Flange Nut Sleeve Anchors
  • Flat Head Sleeve Anchor
  • Spectrum Studio
  • Ceiling Sleeve Anchors
  • W Bolt Sleeve Anchors
  • F Bolt Sleeve Anchors
  • Bolt Anchor Sleeve Anchors
  • Metal Frame Anchors
  • Chemical Anchors
  • Firestop Systems
  • Various items including: Pan head, flat head, round head, oval head, fillister head, binding head, Holt head, one way head, Philips finishing washer head, flat head, square shoulder screws, indented hexagon, indented hexagon washer head, Acom head, hexagon head, head styles,…

Mechanical Anchors

Our family of mechanical anchoring solutions answers the needs for light, medium and heavy duty applications in base materials such as concrete, masonry and drywall and requirements of today’s architects, engineers, and contractors. Available in all the diameters and lengths to suit any concrete fastening application, our anchors are designed to maximize safety, reliability, efficiency, and ease of fastening installation.

Chemical Anchors

The high performance chemical anchors / adhesive anchors / bonded anchors (injection or glass capsules) are available in acrylic or epoxy formulations and are one very popular due to its high quality, reliability and versatility.

Different options of cost and performance for anchoring threaded studs, reinforcing bars and starter bars into solid and hollow substrates.

Specialty Solutions

Advanced concrete technology solutions for engineering technology, leading to new construction, connection reinforcing.
Powder Actuated and Gas Actuated products available. In addition to sealing systems, construction foams, fire stop systems, repair mortars & injection systems.

Fire Stop Systems and Fire Protection Systems including sealants, coatings systems, foams and various other fire-stop accessories.


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