Find below some Frequently Asked Questions related to working with Nehmeh.

Human Capital Questions

  1. Where can I see the Careers page @ Nehmeh?
    Nehmeh Careers page is available here.
  2. Is Nehmeh hiring? Where can I apply?
    We welcome qualified candidates to apply to our vacancies.
  3. How do I report a concern?
    Something unethical? Something suspicious? Have something to report? Report your concerns here.

Finance Questions

  1. How do I open a credit facility with Nehmeh?
    You are kindly requested to complete the Credit Application Form attached with required documents as mentioned on 2nd page of Credit Application Form.
  2. How to get the credit application form?
    The form is available on our website.
  3. How long is the processing for credit facilities?
    If all documentation and required documents are completed, the approval will take maximum 3 working days.
  4. What should I do if I exceeded the approved credit limit on my account?
    We require payment in order to free your credit limit.
    The customer can request for permanent credit limit increase if the approved credit limit is not enough to cover your purchases.
  5. How to increase the credit limit for existing customer?
    We require official letter requesting for the increase with additional guarantees (guarantee letter/cheque) with same value as the requested new limit.
  6. Can a customer request for credit limit increase without providing additional guarantees?
    We require official letter request and approval will be based on customer transaction history.
  7. Where can a customer get a customer Statement of Account?
    A Statement of Account will be sent monthly by fax to customers.
    For updated Statement of Account, please send an email request to finance@nehmeh.com and we will reply immediately.
  8. Can I pay personal cheque in buying Nehmeh products?
    We can only accept personal cheque for cash customers as an advance payment, delivery will be done after cheque clearance.
  9. Can I use my debit/credit card in buying Nehmeh products?
    Yes, we accept debit cards and all major credit cards @ all our locations

    For our online stores, you can pay using
  10. If I return an item bought through cash, how long will it take to get my money back? What are the requirements needed
    The return will be subject for Nehmeh Sales Return Policy & Procedure.
    We need official letter requesting for the refund from the customer. It will take maximum one week for the refund.
  11. If I return an item I bought through credit card, how long will I get the refund? What are the requirements needed
    The customer will get the refund back to his credit card account based on Nehmeh’s credit card refund policy and the banks timeline (which is usually to a maximum of 28 days).
  12. How long it will take to clear a customer’s cheque?
    Nehmeh will confirm the cheque clearance after two working days from the date of cheque deposit.
  13. Can I buy an item from Nehmeh using foreign currency?
    Yes, we accept the following currencies:

    Please contact us for the latest numbers as rates may vary.
    On our Online Store however, we only accept Qatari Riyals at this time.

  14. Credit Bureau Report?
    Yes, this report is mandatory for every new credit application

    What is Credit Bureau?
    Credit Bureau is operating under the supervision of Qatar Central Bank. The bureau aims to contribute in building a banking system with high efficiency and stability through the provision of accurate and comprehensive credit information using sophisticated global technology.

    Does the company has this Credit Bureau & do they need to register?
    Any company in register company in Qatar has an automatic account by default @ the Credit Bureau.

    How to get this report?
    The attachment will be submitted to customer and they have to fill the blanks & provide the requirements in addition to the QAR 100 fee. The Credit Bureau offices is located opposite to Holiday villa hotel, Al Emadi Building, telephone 4422 2244 or CB.gov.qa.

    How long it will take to get this report?
    Within just 5 to 10 minutes the report will be ready.

    Don’t have a report? Get the forms now: in English or in Arabic.

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