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In continuation to our extended customers’ valued partnership, Nehmeh is offering extended business support to cater for customers’ market needs and applications by offering our wide range of products for short or long-term rental and leasing.
Renting equipment is simple, affordable, and provides flexibility on the job.

Rent or Buy?

Rentals can be considered as OPEX (operating expenses) and purchases can be considered as CAPEX (capital expenses).

But, first things first:
Consider your overal current financial situation / health
Review the Total Cost of Ownership vs. Cost of Rental
Consider length & frequency of project

Renting $

Lower costs over the short-term
Save on maintenance costs
Save on insurance & depreciation costs
Usually, latest technology
Nehmeh: Service Support

Possible usage restrictions
Limited availability
Liable for losses & damages

Buying $$

Lower costs over the long-term
Get a rerun-on-investment (ROI)
No usage restrictions
Asset may add value to your company
Nehmeh: Service Support
Nehmeh: Financing Options

Usually, larger capital need upfront
Insurance & depreciation costs on you
Equipment can become quickly outdated

Range includes

  • Electrical Power Generators (3 – 80 kVA) – Higher ratings available upon request.
  • Portable Air Compressors
  • Stationary Air Compressors  (185 & 275 CFM)
  • Welding Generators
  • Tower lights (Long-term rental)
  • We are ready to offer other equipment as well upon request


Including Financing

World-Class Equipment

Various Equipment

Aftersales Excellence

  • On-time deployment – whenever, wherever.
  • Short Response time by Service engineers.
  • Flexibility to adapt to your needs.
  • Genuine parts only policy.
  • Quality, Health & Safety as priority.
  • Willingness to implement a long lasting partnership.
  • Best Prices In The Market
  • Replacement option will be made available if required.

Service includes

  1. Regular inspections
  2. Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance
  3. Product Training
  4. Spare Parts Supply
  5. Support from Nehmeh Service

Our rental and lease program gives customers peace of mind as we take care of all the maintenance, replacement of parts and transportation.

The invisible costs to your Business

QAR 40,000+ repairs / year
(on average)

Project costs 25% over budget
(on average)

20% misplaced tools
(lost on average)

200+ days of repairs
(average monthly)
based on various studies

Did you know?

Selected power tools fall under Annual Maintenance Contracts, where they can help you to pre-plan for your annual expenses and avoid individual excess services charges.

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    Did you know?

    First Qatari company on the Internet

    First online industrial service tracker in the world

    First Qatari company to earn AHRI certification

    First importer of evaporative coolers to Qatar

    Anton Nehmeh is one of the oldest companies in Qatar

    First importer of aftermarket auto paints in Qatar

    First heat-exchanger manufacturer in Qatar

    First importer of aftermarket auto equipment to Qatar

    First Qatari company to be member of the UNGC

    First mobile apps for industry in the region

    First industrial loyalty Program in the region

    First E-Commerce store for industrial solutions in Qatar

    First Qatari company to earn Eurovent certification

    is part of our DNA