Since 1955, Nehmeh has been providing solutions that help solve construction problems and enable better performing structures to be constructed more quickly, more efficiently,and at a lower overall cost.

We wish to thank our valued Partners for selecting Quality Products and Quality Services from Nehmeh through the years.

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 Intercontinental Hotel
 Aspetar Hospital - Aspire
 City Center Mall, Doha
 Doha Clinic Hospital
 Abu Nakhla Hospital
 Katara Village
 Land Mark Mall
 Lusail Pneumatic System
 Magnum Hotel
 Mirqab Tower
 Musherib Project
 Pearl Playgrounds
 Private Villas
 Qatar Rail - Greenline
 QIG Tower, Lusail
 Residential Buildings
 Seef Lusail
 Temporary Hospitals
 US Embassy
 Vendome Mall


More Testimonials

Antoine Khater, Project Director
Generic Engineering Technologies


“We have known Makita since 2004 from Nehmeh, and ever since I arrived here in Qatar, we have been working with Makita. Our experience with Makita is a very good experience and has been continuous from 2004 until now. For approximately 18 years, Makita and Nehmeh has been providing the same and even progressing quality of service. With Makita, the quality of the tools are very okay, it’s lasting, and the service has always been good. We are happy with Makita, if we are not happy with Makita, we can’t continue working with them. With Nehmeh’s Makita team, when you call them, they will come immediately, I myself have experienced with them.”


Cezar Gabriel
Generic Engineering Technologies


“Makita was almost dominating the market at this time, and up until about 8 years back. Everyone was talking about Nehmeh and Makita, how it’s the number one power tools brand and the number one in after sales service. Nehmeh is also a very successful company, who can maintain their good relationship with their clients in all aspects of business, and is also well known for their long and good reputation. Makita is a professional tool, also it can resist extreme temperatures, in heat. And at the end, you pay for what you get.”


Abbas Fakhruddin, CEO
FK Trading Company


“FK Tools started 12 years back in Doha, and when we came here, I think we were the biggest company to be here and with our professional approach we captured a lot of market share and at that time. Up until now, I still think it is Makita was the biggest power tool brand in Qatar, that’s why we chose Makita to start our power tools business with. Makita has been a very very good brand from the beginning and the range of products are honestly very good, aftersales service is also very good, and the price point is rather set that there was no other competitor of power tools brand against them even now, and Makita and has always been a major part of our sales.
We are FK Tools, and we are satisfied with the relation that we have with Nehmeh and we intend to continue our relationship with Makita for the future as well.”


Khalid Mihran, Chairman
LR Group


“We started the business with Makita in 2003, and up until now, it was a good relationship with Nehmeh. The customers are choosing the reliable brand in the Market for the customers, which is Makita, and that’s why our business is also doing good. We are a Gold Channel Partner of Makita and on 2016, we went to Japan and received an award for Outstanding Sales Effort. It’s been a wonderful, memorable trip with the Makita Tour in Japan.”


Yasir Rasheed
Redco International


“I always prefer Makita because they have a very cooperative team in the market.”


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Nehmeh works on setting the standards daily and has been doing so since 1955.
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We are accreditated & certified in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) as well as Manufacturing.
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