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Our Logo

We are Nehmeh, a progressive positive-thinking organized structure with international ambitions.

Our logo reflects who we are and what we stand for in terms of our identity as a modern Arab company in the international marketplace.
The logo is a geometrically perfect shape.
The logo is the word “Nehmeh” written in the Arabic alphabet ( نعمه ).
The letters “N” in English (on the left hand-side) and its Arabic equivalent, or “ن” (on the right-hand side) are clearly visible.
The logo’s colours are inherited from the orginal corporate colours of the roots of the Group, namely Anton Nehmeh and Natco companies.
The logo represents the tangible and intangible chain that binds Nehmeh together.
The logo’s inner core represents the infinity symbol, our lifespan.
The logo’s two oval represent our global ambitions (both in the Western and Eastern hemispheres).

Our logo is a trademark registered in various countries, see our legal section for more details and usage.

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