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Nehmeh’s roots follows the storied professional career of its founder Antoine Nehme (1930-2010).

Antoine’s early life was a challenge and in a life of poverty and suffering, Antoine always pursued his goal for betterment to achieve his full potential and to take care of his extended family.

Having left his home in Lebanon in 1953, Antoine moved to Qatar for work and opportunity.

Eager to grow together with a nation in development, Antoine setup a small domestic trading establishment a few years later under the localized name of “Anton Nehmeh”, to represent and build international brands in the local market.

Embodied with the true meaning of the words “pioneer” and “independence”, Antoine began selling various spare parts for automobiles and light machinery.

As Doha turned into a thriving metropolis, Antoine kept an admirable pace, striving to meet the ever increasing demands of a country in the path of rapid growth.

A philanthropist by nature, Antoine was continuously involved in funding several community and social centers in Qatar and abroad – Nehmeh continues to uphold this value with several outreach programs through itsĀ community service initiatives.

Antoine Nehme’s recognized legacy and his founding vision live on as part of our core values and within The Nehmeh Way.

You can read more about the life & legacy of our founder in this publication.

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