Imagine if you could purchase equipment, tools or paints today but pay for them later. Now you can!

0% interest and 0 fees!
Spend big & repay in smart, easy installments

Now is the perfect time for an interest-free flexible repayment scheme from Nehmeh.
Whether it’s equipment, tools or paints – with Nehmeh’s Easy Pay, your credit card repayments will be easier than ever!
All you have to be is a QNB customer in good standing and pay with your QNB card at any of our below locations:

Terms & Conditions Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Nehmeh Easy Pay?
• Nehmeh Easy Pay uses the QNB Flexiplan as a new feature for QNB Credit Cards holders to convert their purchases at participating merchants into an installment plan at 0% interest.

2. Which Credit Cards have the Nehmeh Easy Pay feature?
• ALL credit cards issued by QNB with any card types, excluding QNB Corporate Card.

3. What is the minimum purchase amount for Nehmeh Easy Pay?
• The minimum purchase amount for Nehmeh Easy Pay/QNB Flexiplan is QAR 1,000 per transaction.

4. What is the repayment term?
• 3 months.

5. How can I make an interest free purchase using Easy Pay?
• Simply inform our cashiers to avail the Nehmeh Easy Pay.

8. Can I make more than one Easy Pay purchase with my QNB card?
• There is NO limitation on the number of transactions for Nehmeh Easy Pay/QNB Flexiplan, as long as there is available credit limit on their Credit Card.

9. When will the I have to pay the first installment?
• The Nehmeh Easy Pay/QNB Flexiplan transaction is converted into installments which will normally be the day after the transaction is posted to credit card account. The first installment will be due on the first due date after the purchase is made.

10. How will I get to know details of my Flexiplan – the Installment amount, repayment term, outstanding payment, etc.?
• Details of the Flexiplan will be shown on your credit card statement. The minimum payment will include the monthly installment amount.

Can the I have more than one Nehmeh Easy Pay on my QNB card at the same time?
• Yes, the you can have multiple purchases converted to Nehmeh Easy Pay/QNB Flexiplan.

Can the I cancel the Nehmeh Easy Pay/QNB Flexiplan?
• No, you cannot cancel your Nehmeh Easy Pay/QNB Flexiplan once the conversion of the eligible purchase has taken place.

Where can I read the full terms & conditions of the Nehmeh Easy Pay/QNB Flexiplan?
• See QNB Flexiplan’s terms & conditions in full

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