Meet Nehmeh’s Expert: Mohammad Anas

Meet Nehmeh’s Expert!

As a company that has been in the market for over 65 years, our customers can be assured that we adapt to the new and innovative ways of reaching out to them for their convenience. This is why we have proudly launched our online stores &

With this, we are pleased to introduce the person who manages these channels, Mohammed Anas. With his vast experience in Digital & E-Commerce field, Mohammed oversees the company’s online business operations. Part of this is to make sure that all aspects of online activities including web development, branding & marketing, promotions, and sales are on point. Moreover, he makes it to a point that all items on the online shop are categorized for faster and easier reference of the customers. Finally, with the rest of the Nehmeh team, he oversees the delivery of the orders.

Visit our online shops and place your order now at and Contact us at +97466910464 to know more.

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June 29, 2022