Beat the Heat 2023

Nehmeh introduces our Season’s Features where we showcase the best products applicable to your current demands, starting off with Sofy Evaporative Cooler and Sofy Pedestal Fan.

These products are efficient for temperature control whether be it in an indoor or outdoor setting. Its versatility can surely give you the comfort that you deserve! Swipe right to see more product details.

Stay cool, stay productive!

Check out these links to get yours now:

Evaporative Cooler

Pedestal Fan

Check out our extended range of
  Ventilation Systems
for any application and any environment

SAT-WED 07:00am–4:30pm
THU 07:00am-1:00pm
August 29, 2023

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Did you know?

First Qatari company on the Internet

First online industrial service tracker in the world

First Qatari company to earn AHRI certification

First importer of evaporative coolers to Qatar

Anton Nehmeh is one of the oldest companies in Qatar

First importer of aftermarket auto paints in Qatar

First heat-exchanger manufacturer in Qatar

First importer of aftermarket auto equipment to Qatar

First Qatari company to be member of the UNGC

First mobile apps for industry in the region

First industrial loyalty Program in the region

First E-Commerce store for industrial solutions in Qatar

First Qatari company to earn Eurovent certification

is part of our DNA